Used Fryer Oil Collection
We collect Used Fryer oil in the Minneapolis / St. Paul and surrounding
areas from restaurants and industrial users of Non hydrogenated
vegetable oil.
  • We create products from your used fryer oil that are returned to our local
    community and replace petroleum based products.
  • Each gallon of used fryer oil we collect results in the offset of 22lbs of CO2
  • Our water-less process of converting the fryer oil back to usable esters does
    not create any waste streams.
This Service is FREE of charge!
That's right, we do not charge to pick up your used
fryer oil. We even supply the drum to collect the oil
in. We will collect for free within a 50 mile radius of
our plant in Minneapolis.

Why do we do this? We are zealous in our passion to
recycle materials but realise that any recycling
program only works if it is convenient for the people
participating in the program.
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What we do with used fryer oil